NuCovenant Ministries

"For the Word of God is living, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword" -Heb. 4:12

Welcome to the NuCovenant Ministries Website where our prayers is that you find this site a useful tool in your life as a follower of Christ. Our sole intent  is to provide the Christian with tools and resources that is enriched with the truth of God's Word. We have a staff of Pastors, Teachers, Disciplers & Prayer teams whose sole purpose is to encourage, equip and strengthen the Body of Christ with the unadulterated truth of God's Word.                                                                    Pastor Naeem H. Rasheed,                                                                            Dir. Of  NuCovenant Ministries Online Discipleship.

A note from the Director:                                                                                                                                                It has been a long time since we here at the NuCovenant  Ministries has posted any updated devotionals, lessons, quotes  or studies. First let me thank those who where privy to some personal matters that required my immediate attention and for their fervent prayers during that time. The Bible says the prayers of the righteous man avails much? and for those who prayed for me during a very difficult period of my life, I say  thank you and may the Lord bless you abundantly for your faithfulness and commitment  to pray not only for me but for the ministry of The NuCovenant Ministries as well. We are called and committed to the ministry of Discipling of God?s people and the building and encouraging of believers and non-believers alike that God loves them unconditionally and only through the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial love for mankind by dying on the cross for all of who are willing put their faith and trust in that finished work on Calvary. We will begin to update our pages this week with new and effective tools to help you in your daily study. if you have any questions please reach out to us on our facebook page@                                                                                                                                                          Until He calls me home I will continue to serve Him,                                                                                                 Pastor Naeem

This weeks quote: "I'm not worried about tomorrow, cause God's already there."

 Who are you?  Finding out who you are in Christ. 

Too often, people base their identities on what they do (from their jobs to their roles in relationships), defining themselves by those pursuits. But by doing so, they significantly limit their lives. The truth is that God intends for all people to find their identity in Christ.....Go to the Discipleship Page read more.